The Mailroom with Racks

D17 was featured on the The Mailroom with Racks. We made it to the fan vote and even the Round of Champions. Be sure to check out our exclusive hoodie to celebrate making it this far. 

YouTube- kickitwithdang

"In this video, I try to quickly go through my collection of hoodies / pullovers. These are pretty much my favorite garment to wear of all - they're very comfortable, cozy, lazy, and can be stylish if dressed appropriately."


YouTube- The RUN Wave Podcast | Run Crews featuring Chasing Roses Run Club

Peep the D17 shoutout. 


Discover BIPOC-Led Run Clubs Across the US with the Running Industry Diversity:

"The D17 Run Club was named as a BIPOC Run Club for runners in the United States."



Whys and Wherefores: Season 1, Issue 15:

"I wrote about the ubiquitous nature of Carhartt Watch Caps last year for SPY. Quality, reliable, and cheap, the Watch Cap is also a fashion statement in and of itself. You can get them anywhere, but I prefer this version from Maryland’s own D17..."



Protagonist Soccer, Under the Lights: Columbia FC (Maryland Majors):

"...Growing together to go to the next level, build a culture and bringing people together to fight with you for your team, All for one, One #ForAll I do want to thank our sponsors Angie Divljan State Farm Agency and D17 Athletics because they believe in us and the idea of Columbia FC we have their sponsor support until 2022 then we will talk about renewing again..."



Wristband Bros, D17 Clothing Promotes Their Brand With Wristbands:

"Wristband Bros had the pleasure of working with D17 Clothing on a custom wristband project. This crew has a sharp eye for design, so we didn’t really have to do much. We love it when our customers make us look good!

We recently spoke with them about their project and what makes D17 Clothing special"