Discover the D17 Run Club: Your Running Community in Columbia, Maryland

Are you searching for a vibrant and inclusive running community in the Columbia, Maryland area? We are thrilled to introduce our dynamic club, bringing together runners from Baltimore, Columbia, Washington DC, Laurel, Ellicott City, Elkridge, and the surrounding area. Our mission is to create a supportive and uplifting environment where runners of all levels can connect, improve their skills, and embrace the culture of running.

Connect, Inspire, Achieve:
At the heart of the D17 Run Club is the desire to connect like-minded individuals who share a passion for running. We welcome runners of all ages, abilities, and experience levels, from beginners to seasoned marathoners. Our club provides a supportive community where you can find running buddies, exchange training tips, and inspire each other to reach new heights.

Group Runs and Training Sessions:
One of the highlights of the D17 Run Club is our regular group runs and training sessions. Led by peers and fitness community, these sessions cater to runners of various abilities and interests. Whether you're training for a specific race or simply looking to improve your fitness, our diverse range of running routes and training programs will help you achieve your goals. From scenic paths along the Columbia Lakefront, running the track at Oakland Mills, to challenging hill workouts in Patapsco Valley State Park, we offer a variety of options to keep every run exciting and invigorating.

The current schedule can be found on Instagram. 

Social Events and Community Engagement:
Running is not only about the miles on the pavement but also about building a strong sense of community. The D17 Run Club organizes regular social events and community engagement activities to foster lasting connections among members. From post-run brewery meetups and to volunteer opportunities and charity runs, we believe in giving back while creating meaningful memories. We're more than just a running club; we're a supportive collective that encourages personal growth, friendship, and making a positive impact in our local community.

Running Gear and Resources: 
In addition to our in-person activities, the D17 Run Club provides access to our top-tier running apparel. From shirts, hats, water bottles, and accessories. Allow your style to shine on race day or any training session. We also offer sponsorship for other run clubs across the globe via apparel design, race involvement, and NIL opportunities. To learn more be sure to send us an email at:

How to Join:
Ready to lace up your running shoes and become a part of the D17 Run Club? Joining is simple. You can find us via Instagram @d17running or on Strava by searching “D17 Run Club” to see the current schedule and event dates. The D17 Run Club invites runners from Baltimore, Columbia, Washington DC, Laurel, Ellicott City, Elkridge, and surrounding areas to join our thriving running community. Whether you're seeking training partners, inspiration, or simply a supportive environment to nurture your love for running, our club has something for everyone. Embrace the camaraderie, challenge yourself on exciting running routes, and let the D17 Run Club be your home away from home.

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