Thank You 2020

A message from our Creative Director, Terrance Diggs (@d17terrance)

What a year. As many of us have experienced, 2020 has been… Different. Going into the year things of course did not go as planned. First off, my prayers are with those who are still being directly or indirectly affected by the virus. Everyone. Keep staying safe and wearing a mask. Just be considerate of others. 

For D17, sadly our run club had to be pushed back a few months and our running events for the year had to be cancelled. We made it happen though and the response to that new journey has been and was amazing. I never thought immersing ourselves into the running community would be so inviting, and we plan to stay. Over the year we were able to raise money and use the platform for a number of organizations by creating facemasks and re-releasing our limited logo tee to help flatten the COVID curve. We changed the way we manage waste by switching to reusable tote bags with our order process to cut down the amount of plastic we use. Also creating a t-shirt that helped generate awareness for black lives across the country with the anniversary of our Art Drive Culture campaign. I love yall for that. It’s more than just the clothes (Even though the clothes are dope).

Usually around the holiday season you all know, we have our exclusive Friends and Family release. Due to elevated shipping delays, production times, and a few other factors. This has been pushed back to at least January 2021. Believe me I’m hurt too. With everything going on I wouldn’t want anyone having to wait for their order, or if the product wasn’t up to par with what I wanted. Yes! I know the strings on the hoodies last year were super long, but the comfort was there. Gotta make a change. There is so much coming so it will be worth the wait. With the way that the brand is going, I want to make the process of everything much smoother. A new website, more exclusive items, a wider range of items, more styles, and even more athletic gear. My background is in sports so I want to be able to help those communities as much as I can. So, so, so many sports we will be going into as well. Once we make a mark, we will continue to create and produce new products each step of the way. I’ll find new ways to innovate and create new opportunities not only for the brand but creatives as well. 

Last but not least, you. Well you that is reading is. All I want to say is thank you. Truly, thank you. An endeavor like this don’t survive without your support. I would name some individual people but I don’t want to expose your privacy (You know who you are). I’m a guy who loves to design and create meaningful products for those around me. Even though we are a small business, things are growing. We are ready for it. I’d also like to show my support to Columbia FC, District Reign, The Vibe Room, Chasing Roses Run Club, Hoco for Justice, Blackout, our friends in PA, our vendors, our partners, and so many more. 

You’re really going to love what’s to come in 2021. It’s the least I can do. You put your faith in me, I’ll put out great work for you.